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the morals

wherein benjamin emanuel hubbird and casey michael jarman discuss the goings-on of their primary musical endeavor, the morals.

Monday, March 20, 2006

morals at food hole

morals flyer
Originally uploaded by caseymoral.
You gotta come see this shit. it's all ages, too. SWEET! Adam Moral made the flier.


Picture 001
Originally uploaded by caseymoral.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

In case you missed this one

File this under "press:"

The Morals frontman Casey Moral has one of those honest, straightforward, convincing voices where everything he sings sounds like he means it—and sounds like he's singing it just minutes after the lyrics' events (be it love, adventure, or drama) went down. It's that perfect mix of tuneful and cracked, almost raspy, but not. While Casey does his thing, homeboy Ben Moral plays guitar, sings a little, and helps weave folk structure, harmonica ronks, and acoustic guitar into fine, catchy, respectable pop. See for yourself: myspace.com/themorals. Oh, and they're local. You and me—we're always looking for good local music, right? Fuck yeah, we are. I love you too. ADAM GNADE

Mr. Gnade is the Music Editor over at the Portland Mercury.