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the morals

wherein benjamin emanuel hubbird and casey michael jarman discuss the goings-on of their primary musical endeavor, the morals.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

welcome to the hotel monaco

Originally uploaded by caseymoral.
Gigantic Morals fan Michael Byrne relaxes at the Hotel Monaco in Seattle. We are here for a writing conference. The hotel is super-duper-sweet. Like Michael's-feet-sweet.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Liveblogging the Holocene

So we're here at the Holocene. We just soundchecked -- Jason makes us sound awesome!

Right now we're ordering some sandwiches: Spicy Sausage for Ben, Chicken for Casey. Ben is drinking an IPA and Casey is drinking water.

Here's me blogging:


hott studd2
Originally uploaded by elizabeth82.
i've decided to find and publish embarassing photos of all of our fans. aaron here is one of our biggest! here he is looking like a real jackass.

hot off the presses for tonight's holocene show

Amy McCullough (Willamette Week) printed a giddy write up for tonight's show:

[EMO-FOLK] I honestly doubted that the Morals could ever top "The Singalong Song," a perfect power-pop ballad that eloquently and unabashedly says, "Hey, baby, I know I might not be the best guy for ya, but actually I am." It's a gem in the acoustic duo's live set, which consists of guitarist Ben Hubbird/"Moral" banging away at his acoustic guitar while WW contributor Casey Jarman/"Moral" (no relation) paces around with the mic, half-screaming, half-singing into the audience members' faces. But I now have a new favorite Morals song to belt out at their live shows. It's called "Artists Wear Black," and it's a cry-in-your-milk emo-folk tune about wanting the object of your affection to sing ya a drunkass karaoke song at Chopsticks before you (presumably) make out over fried rice. The Morals music is sincere; it's relatable; it's got heart, great lyrics and killer harmonizing; and it's to be released for your listening pleasure on their first full-length, due out in a couple of months. I Y these guys, and pretty soon you will, too. AMY MCCULLOUGH

nothing wrong with narcissism

File under: nice things people say about us.

"Next up were our pals The Morals, only two of them which is perfect because I myself only have two morals. Ben sat down amongst all the gear and began strumming his acoustic. Big Casey stood next to him and sang along too, smiling his big-hearted smile as the packed in crowd clapped along and hooted. I stood in the back and was baffled by how well two fellows and an acoustic guitar could so captivated an audience. To be perfectly honest, it defied my expectations as to what could fill and inspire a room of that size. I figured you pretty much needed boxes and boxes of knobs and wires and keyboards that rattle genitals with bass, maybe three or four back-up singers/dancers and a few outfit changes while, in fact, one only needs to write and sing a good song that makes people feel happy and feel like there's other people out there that feel like they do."

--Nathan Langston of The Maybe Happening