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the morals

wherein benjamin emanuel hubbird and casey michael jarman discuss the goings-on of their primary musical endeavor, the morals.

Monday, January 16, 2012

What the fuck?

We played with Kimya Dawson this weekend. We were all worried about saying cusses, because she has a kid and maybe she's a mom about cusses, but then we found out that when she heard us ask if it was ok to say cusses she yelled out "fuck yeah" from the back of the room. That's pretty cool. She said a lot of cusses in between her songs too.

We haven't updated this in a while. Sorry! We're still a band, to the extent that we've ever been a "band." You should come see us soon! We're playing some shows: Feb 11th at the Waypost with Your Rival and Feb 29th (LEAP DAY!) at Kelly's Olympian. We're not sure who that second show will be with, but we promise it'll be a lot of fun. Pinky swear.