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the morals

wherein benjamin emanuel hubbird and casey michael jarman discuss the goings-on of their primary musical endeavor, the morals.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Morals and the Rheas @ The Know

Steve Laffler's 40 Hour Man
Originally uploaded by caseymoral.
October 27. 9:30 p.m.

So, we just played the Know for the first time, and it was so fantastic that we're coming back for a second tour of duty. This time is special because it's a release party for Steve Laffler's new graphic novel, 40-Hour-Man, which he recently released on with his own Manx imprint. I'm still tryna get my hands on the book, so I can't tell you about it quite yet, but I've seen some of Laffler's other work and I'm pretty stoked on it.

It's also a special show because my friend Adam Grano, yeah the same Adam Grano who made some fliers for us and whatnot, has a band called the Rheas, and they are also playing the show. Should be a lot of fun. More info when I get it.